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lördag 13 mars 2010

Taulukko: LCFA alentava dieetti

Food ,Ruoka-aine

Foods allowed, Sallittua

Foods in avoid, Vältettävää

Milk, maito, mjölk

Skimmed milk, condensed skimmed milk,

natural yogurt, very low fat yogurt and fromage frais,

low fat cottage cheese

95 % fat free cheeses

Low fat ice cream

Full fat and semi-skimmed milk. Cream.

Full fat yogurt and fromage frais.

Full and half fat cheeses


Egg, muna

Egg whites

Egg yolks

Fish, kala

White fish ( no skin),e.g. Haddock, cod, sole, plaice,

Crab, crab sticks, tuna, prawns, shrimps, lobster

Oily fish, e.g. sardines, kippers, salmon, mackerel

Fish in breadcrumbs, batter, sauces, pastry

Poultry, siipikarja

Chicken, turkey ( white breast meat, no skin)

Chicken, turkey( dark meat and skin), basted poultry, duck

Chicken in breadcrumbs, batter, sauces, pastry

Meat , liha

Lean red meat

Fatty meat, sausages ( normal and low fat) burgers, meat paste, pate´, salami, pies

Meat substitutes,

Soya mince, Quorn, tofu

Pulses, palkokasvit

Peas, e.g. chick peas, split peas, lentils

Beans, e.g. red, white, borlotti,. black-eyed

Fats, oils, rasvat, öljyt

Medium chain triglyceride oil as permitted

Butter, margarine, low fat spread, vegetable oils, lard, dripping, suet, shortening

Pasta and rice, pasta ja riisi

Spaghetti, macaroni, other pasta, noodles, cous cous, rice (white)

Whole meal pasta, pasta in dishes, e.g. macaroni cheese, carbonara

Brown rice, egg noodles

Flours and cereals, jauhot ja viljat

Flour( white), cornflour, custard powder, semolina, sago, tapioca

Flour( whole meal), soy flour, oats, bran,

Foods made with flour which contain fat, e.g. apstry, sauces, cake, biscuits, batter, breadcrumb coatings

Breakfast cereals, aamiasimurot

Most are suitable

Wholewheat cereals,

e.g. Weetabix, bran flakes are higher in fat content than non- wholewheat cereals, e.g. Rice krispies, cornflakes

Cereals with nuts, e.g. muesli

All-bran, Ready Brek

Bread and crackers , leipä ja vilja

White bread, white pitta, crumpets, muffins,

Some crackers have a low fat content, e.g. rice cakes, matzos, Ryvita ( not sesame)

Wholemeal, wholegrain breads, naan bread, chapatti made with fat, croissant, oatcakes, cheese crackers, crackers

Cakes and biscuits and pastry, kakut ja pikkuleivät

Only those made from low fat ingredients

95% fat free cakes and biscuits

Cakes, biscuits, buns, pastry for sweet and savory foods, e.g. apple pie, quiche

Desserts, jälkiruoat

Jelly, meringue, sorbet, very low fat ice cream, skimmed milk puddings, e.g. rice, custard

Most desserts, e.g. whole milk puddings, truffle, cheese cakes, gateaux, mousse, fruit pie or crumble

Fruit, hedelmät

Most varieties- fresh, frozen, tinned, dried

Avocado pears, olives

Vegetables, vihannekset

All vegetables and salad

Very low fat crisps

Chips, crisps, low fat crisps, roast potato, potato or vegetable salad in mayonnaise or salad dressing, cole slaw

Herbs and spices, yrtit ja mausteet,

Pickles, chutney

Herb, spices, salt, pepper

Nuts, Seeds, pähkinät, siemenet

Nuts, peanut butter, seeds,, e.g. sesame, sunflower

Sauces and gravies, soosit ja

Tomato ketchup, brown sauce, soy sauce, Marmite, Oxo, Bovril, very low fat gravy mixes

Fat- free dressings and mayonnaise

Minimal fat sauces (jars, tins, packets)

Gravy granules, stock cubes

salad cream, mayonnaise,

oil and vinegar dressings

Sauce mixes ( jars, tins, packets

Soups, keitot

Some low calories and “healthy eating type soups are very low fat

Most soups, creamy soups

Confectionery, makeiset

Boiled sweets, jelly sweets, fruit gums, pastilles, marshmallow, mints, ice-lollies

Chocolate, chocolate covered sweets, toffee, fudge, butter mints

Sugars and preserves, sokerit ja säilykeaineet

Sugar, golden syrup, jam, marmalade, honey, treacle

Lemon curd, chocolate spread

Baking products, leivontatarvikke

Baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, yeast, arrowroot, essences, food coloring

Drinks, juomat

Fruit juice, squash, fizzy drinks, milkshake flavorings, tea , coffee

Instant chocolate drinks, cocoa, malted milk type drinks, e.g. Horlicks

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